Aerocatch Bonnet Fasteners (Black & Carbon Fibre)

Aerocatch Bonnet Fasteners (Black & Carbon Fibre)

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Aerocatch Bonnet Fasteners

Available in Locking & Non-Locking format and also available in Black or Crabon Fibre look

The Aerocatch Bonnet Fasteners in 120 & 125 Series are the most popular from the AeroCatch bonnet pin range.

The aerodynamically efficient and aesthetically styled AeroCatch is setting new standards in panel fixing, providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for bodywork on Motorsport vehicles.

The PTFE coated strike pins virtually eliminate the need for regular lubrication and can be used through the base or side, making them suitable for bonnets or boots.  The high strength plastic material they are made from can be painted allowing full customisation and optional discretion, making them suitable for Street, Race and Rally.

These 21st Century panel fasteners are designed for bonnet/hood, boot/trunk, tailgates. Their versatile design means they can be mounted from above & below the panel, mounted from the side and even mounted at an angle.

AeroCatch are tested in an UK independent testing house to ensure the maximum safety levels are achieved.

There are two types of AeroCatch available; the Plus Flush and the Flush.

Both types available in black, or carbon look and in a choice of locking or non-locking fitments.

Plus Flush kit (120 Series) is designed to be fixed through the top surface of a panel with six M4 countersunk screws. The fitting flange will be 2.5mm above the panel surface. Ideal for thin metallic or composite panels.

Flush kit (125 Series) is designed to be fixed from underneath the panel thereby creating a flush surface and can be bonded into position so that there are no fasteners visible from the top of the panel. Ideally suited for composite panels.

Kit Contents:
2 x AeroCatch Bodies
2 x Nut Fixing Plates
2 x Red Strike Pins
2 x Bump Stops
1 x Fastener Kit
1 x Arrow Sticker Kit
1 x Aerocatch Cardboard Template

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Black, Carbon Fibre


Flush (Locking), Flush (Non-Locking), Flush Plus (Locking), Flush Plus (Non-Locking)