EVS R4 Graphics/Sticker Decoration Kit (Youth)

EVS R4 Graphics/Sticker Decoration Kit (Youth)

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EVS R4 Neck Collar Graphics Kit

The EVS R4 neck collar graphics kit is a fantastic, modern sticker kit.

They are specifically designed to fit the Youth collars but they are also available to fit adult collars.

Give your collar a new, up to date look that’s different from everyone else.

Also makes it easy to identify which one is yours.


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Black, Red & White (Youth), Circus Freak (Youth), Crossfade Purple (Youth), Crossfade Red (Youth), Luchador Black (Youth), Martini Black (Youth), Martini Blue (Youth), Martini White (Youth), Orange, Black & White (Youth), Re-Run Green, Re-Run Rasta (Youth)


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