EVS R4K Koroyd Neck Protection Collar

EVS R4K Koroyd Neck Protection Collar

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EVS R4K Koroyd Neck Protection Collar

The EVS R4K Koroyd Neck Protection Collar is an entirely new, updated design of the R4 race collar by EVS.

Originally designed for Moto-X, It has been adapted and approved for karting.

New design features a revolutionary  Koroyd™ core giving superior impact absorption.

The R4K Koroyd Neck Collar is currently the lightest neck protection collar on the market by approximately 20%.  Most noteworthy,  it has up to eight times more compressive strength than other competing neck protectors on the market.

The chassis has been completely redesigned to be much lighter and more aerodynamic and has a rapid lock closure system for easy front entry.  In addition, the adjustable rear strut allows you to alter the angle of the brace to suit different seating positions.

Due to the soft rubberised edges and padding on all surfaces, the R4K is very comfortable to wear.

In addition, it comes supplied with a harness system which fits around the chest to keep the collar in position while a low profile design allows for a greater range of head movement compared to other neck collars.

Customers can view this product in our shop where we offer a free fitting service.

How it works:

The five Koroyd inserts are specially structured to retain extremely efficient and consistent energy absorbing properties.  Most of all, the core is able to decelerate energy produced from an impact therefore reducing final trauma levels.

Finally, in the event of an impact, the head is pushed down on the race collar and the gap between your helmet and shoulder is filled by Koroyd to absorb the impact far better than standard race collar materials.


EVS R4K Koroyd NEck Collar - White:Green Info

Key Features:

  • Soft rubberised edges and padding making the R4 comfortable to wear.
  • Easy fitting and removal.
  • Features a locking front closure with a push button release.
  • Adjustable rear strut
  • Comes supplied with a harness system
  • Suitable for use on track or trail.
  • Latest Koroyd technology
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to customise with multi-coloured graphic kits
  • Available in Black/Red or Green/White
Available in two sizes:

Youths: to suit those under 5′ 3″ tall or Under 53 kg weight
Adults: to suit those over 5′ 3″ tall or Over 53 kg weight


EVS R4 Neck Collar - Box Back

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Adult, Youth


Black/Red, White/Green

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