Lifeline Zero 360 1.0kg Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

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Lifeline Zero 360 1.0kg Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

The Lifeline Zero 360 1.0kg hand held fire extinguisher contains the highly efficient Zero 360 gaseous extinguisher system using the 3M Novec extinguishant technology. This has been designed specially for the rigours of motorsport and will discharge in any orientation thanks to an internal flexible dip tube.

These extinguishers are the ultimate in hand-held extinguishers available for motorsport usage.

This model comes supplied with a mounting bracket and two quick release straps for easy access.

All Lifeline hand held extinguishers are refillable and should be serviced every two years and annually for AFFF, gas and powder extinguishers. In order to maintain your warranty and ensure quality & continuity of service, please ensure you use an official Lifeline agent for this.

Key Features:

  • Effective Zero 360 Gas Extinguishant
  • Compatible with petrol, Diesel & Ethanol Fuels
  • Discharges in any Orientation
  • Length: 34.1cm
  • Diameter: 9cm
  • This 1.0kg model is fully FIA Approved for motorsport use where specified
Turner Autsosport are pleased to be officially recognised as the only Retail and Service agent for Lifeline in Scotland.  This means that we can fill and service your extinguishers in full compliance of your warranty.

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