Lifeline Zero 360 3.0kg Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

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Lifeline Zero 360 3.0kg hand held fire extinguisher

The Lifeline Zero 360 3.0kg hand held fire extinguisher contains the highly efficient Zero 360 gaseous extinguisher using 3M Novec extinguishant technology, designed specially for the rigours of motorsport, and will discharge in any orientation thanks to an internal flexible dip tube.

These extinguishers are the ultimate in hand-held extinguishers available for motorsport usage, supplied with a mounting bracket and quick release clamps for ease of access. The extinguisher is both refillable and serviceable


Length: 48.4cm

Diameter: 10.8cm

This 3.0kg model is fully FIA Approved for motorsport use where specified.

Turner Autosport are pleased to be the only, fully authorised Lifeline Dealer & Service Centre in Scotland so you can buy with the confidence that we can continue to maintain your extinguisher in full compliance of your warranty…


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