Nankang AR-1 Tyre


Nankang AR-1 Tyre

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Nankang AR-1 Tyre

Nankang AR-1 Tyre is a new one to the market.  It is available in 13″ to 18″ with more sizes to be added in the future.

The AR-1 is a faster, more refined track tyre, aimed at the track enthusiast who is hunting lap times.

There is a single compound option and all tyres will be produced with 5.5mm tread depth, meaning the AR-1 is positioning itself in among the greats of the track tyre market.

With a number of reviews supporting the quality and coming in at an incredible price point, this tyre is without doubt one of the best on the market for track activities.

The AR-1 has achieved EU tyre labelling giving it MSA List 1B approval for 2017.

For more information, check out Nankang’s web-site

Turner Autosport are proud to be chosen as Scotland’s exclusive suppliers of the Nankang AR-1 tyre.

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Tyre Size

185/60R13 80V N17, 205/60R13 86V N17, 185/60R14 82V N17, 195/50R15 82V N17, 205/50R15 86W N17, 225/45R15 87W, 205/45R16 83W N17, 195/50R16 84W N17, 205/40R17 80W N17, 215/40R17 83W N17, 215/45R17 87W N17, 225/40R18 92Y N17 XL, 165/50R15 NS-2R 120, 165/50R15 NS-2R 180, 175/50R13 NS-2R 120, 175/50R13 NS-2R 180, 185/60r13 NS-2R XL 120, 185/60R13 NS-2R XL 180, 185/60R14 NS-2R XL 120, 185/60R14 NS-2R XL 180, 225/45R16 89W N17, 225/45R17 94W N17 XL, 235/40R17 90W N17, 255/40R17 94W N17, 235/40R18 95Y N17 XL, 245/40R18 93Y N17, 255/35R18 90Y N17, 265/35R18 97Y N17, 295/30R18 98Y N17 XL