Stilo ST5 Rally ZERO Carbon 8860 Helmet

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Stilo ST5 Rally Zero 8860 Helmet

The Stilo ST5 Rally 8860 helmet is packed with technology all incorporated to give far better protection to the user.

Stilo products have always been at the forefront of safety and technology and in their new addition to their helmet range the ST5 8860 Rally is no exception. This is the helmet of choice for Sebastien Loeb.


This helmet absorbs 50% more impact energy and has improved load spreading during side impact accidents. It also resists 30% more penetration energy and in turn 30% more protection against injurys caused by excessive rotational accelerations.  All of this makes the 8860-2004 standard the toughest and highest on the market.

Manufactured in the ultimate demands required in F1, this Rally racing helmet is homologated to the highest FIA standard 8860-2004.  It is exceptionally strong and light and one of very few helmets available commercially to this very high safety standard.

The FIA 8860 standard is required for various championships in 2011. WRC, WTCC, GP1, GP2 and GP3 all require competitors to have a helmet compatible to this standard.


This helmet comes with Stilo’s superior WRC intercom system which offers the best noise cancelling and sound quality on the market.   Includes noise attenuating earmuffs which are fitted with speakers, a magnetic-dynamic noise cancelling microphone in addition to a fully integrated intercom plug.  Consequently; no more hanging cables and possible breakages (the plug is on the right hand side of the helmet).

Uses a magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone. Supplied with spacers to move the microphone position closer to the driver’s mouth.

The earmuffs offer excellent isolation from external noises and contain the intercom speakers. The pressure on the head from the earmuffs can be adjusted by changing the special foam rubber pads positioned between the earmuff and the helmet and this enables a more comfortable fit.


The helmet has an adjustable carbon peak for 2011 which is designed specifically to shade from the sun.  In addition, a pull-down visor is also available as an extra.

Drinks System Preparation: Optional drinks system allowing the driver to easily stay hydrated during a competition and with quick release couplings also making it easy to enter and exit the car.


Material: high tensile carbon

  • weight (intercom included) +-30 g:
    • small shell 1.235 g
    • large shell 1.335 g
  • Much lighter
  • Smallest shell
  • Increased vision
  • More comfortable
  • More aerodynamic
  • Better driver ventilation
  • Multi function visor locking clasp
  • Only helmet with integrated plugs
  • Prepared for frontal drinking system
  • Adjustments: microphone mouth distance, ear area customization
  • Package includes 2 visors, fitting screw kit and helmet bag

Size/Weight (see chart for dimensions/Fit):

Double Shell Sizes (Small) XS, S & M (Large) L & XL

The small shell weighes 1.50kg and the large shell at 1.58kg.

Available sizes: Small to Extra Large

FIA 8860-2004 Homologated



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